As promised – Goal Setting 101

As promised, here is what I learned this weekend about goal setting etc. from a mental trainer.

Firstly, let me start off by saying I was expecting the typical “blah blah blah be your self blah blah blah keep your eyes on the prize blah blah blah” that ever mental training session I have ever had has ever done. Nope. Not this one. We actually got mostly useful stuff, and he talked about finding a balance in my life. Up til now, I really haven’t had ANY balance in my life. I said school came first, but ya right, baton and dance actually took presidence, even over my health, usually.

So now, I have the easy guide to finding balance, yet still getting what you want out of life and my training!

So here is how it works:

Step One: Write down everything you have to do (in the year, week, day, whatever you choose)

Step Two: Write down everything you want to do (in whatever you choose)

Step Three: Make a BIG square and divide in half length and width wise (so in quaters)

Step Four: Now on the above the top two squares write the word “URGENCY.” Beside the bottom two squares write the word “IMPORTANCE”

Step Five: Above the upper right hand box write “HIGH” and above the upper left hand box write “LOW”

Step Six: Beside the upper right box write “HIGH” and beside the lower right box write “LOW”

*Now you have a lovely chart! To easily fill in.

Step Seven: Go through your list of things you want and need to do. Ask yourself for each one “Is this important to me?” and “Is this urgent?” If it is yes and yes, it would go into the upper right box under high urgency and high importance. If you answered no and yes, it would go in the bottom right box… get the picture?

Step Eight: Do things in order of the boxes. Go Right to left on top, then right to left on the bottom.

Now your life is prioritized. You know, if there is something that is in the bottom left corner, really its not important to you, and it isn’t very urgent, you probably don’t have to deal with it, at least for now.

The mental trainer also talked about how in today’s society we “juggle” our lives. So for example, lets say I am juggling six balls, so I get good at that, and someone will say “good job, here’s another.” That’s when things get hectic. This goes on and on until we crash. You know, it’s okay to say no, especially to things that only make it onto the bottom left hand square of your goal chart (i.e. low urgency, low importance).

I really was inspired by Ralph, so I emailed up the CSC (Canadian Sport Centre) and I got set up with a mental trainer (I get a few free hours as part of my training through the CSC). So, I’ll keep you posted with how all that goes. I’ve always known that for most of my sport career I’ve been a bit of a mental “wreck” just dealing with nerves, coaching, emotions, stress, and just general overload.

PS – the H is for High and the L is for Low.

So, I’ll post a pick of the lovely chart (I haven’t filled mine in yet) and I’ll let you know how my life adjusts to reprioritize and become more efficient (I hope). Let me know if this helps!

My sweet - awesome chart!

My sweet - awesome chart!


2 thoughts on “As promised – Goal Setting 101

  1. This is such a great idea. I too have trouble “juggling” my time. Wow what a great idea. You know what I think could make it even better is putting it on a white board. even buying one and putting it up on your room. Then you could erase and add in.
    I love that! what a great blog!

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