So this is what it’s like…

I have finally begun to feel like a university student! Good news or bad news? What you you like first?

Good news? Good answer. Well, I feel older (and slightly taller, not sure why). Today my computer decided to act like a child having a temper tantrum and flicker and then totally shut me out (it went into permanent hibernate), so what did this “adult” do? I simply called Dell IT support all by my very own self! I origonally called the US IT guys, but they refered me to the Canada. From then, I was easily able to explain my situation and fix the problem, without the help of my dad or my mom. They don’t even know, actually. I was pretty stoked that I could do this alone. I have to admit, I was a little nervous before I called. But once I was on the line with someone (and off hold, which only lasted a surprising 3-ish minutes) I calmly explained myself and went to work. I patted myself on the back for it. Oh, and I would also like to highlight that I was really stressed over the problem, but didn’t let my voice get all high pitched (or more high pitched, I should say).

Bad news? Okay, hold on tight. I’ve always thought that yes, I would have lots of work, but never thought I would get so overwhelmed with it all. It’s like one of those magicians who pull all the scarves out of his sleeve and they are all knotted together and they just keep coming and you think to yourself, “where on earth (or a similar phrase, depending on your stress level!) are all these scarves coming from? When will they end? Oh dear! They just keep coming! Now he’s pulling them out faster! AHHHHHH! This is way to freaky!” Well, my profs are the magician with their never ending tricks up their sleeves. I’m not saying that its a bad thing – I rather enjoy all the work I do, but there is a lot of it. Needless to say, I have lost a lot of sleep, and plan on not sleeping most of the night tonight in order to get a project done.

So needless to say, I am beginning to see why everyone is concerned over stress levels and sleep. It is a huge deal. Any twenty minutes I can get is pure love.

This leads me to my next point – I was reading an article (its not online, sadly) from a magazine about how young women (especially women) are over stressed. Some psychologists are now diagnosising stress as an addiction. Fourty five percent of young women constantly live under chronic stress. Stress now is seen as a status symbol, just like having a lot of money. The more stressed you are is related to how much people demand of you, so women like to flaunt it as an asset. A perfect example of this: smoking from several years back. Smoking was considered “cool” and a status symbol. If you were anybody, you smoked. It was just the thing to do. It meant you had a purpose and everyone did it, especially in front of others to show off (ever wonder why smoke rings were invented? Showboating!). Well, the more addicted you were, the more important you were. Same thing here, except with stress. Stress is this century’s smoking, a drug of choice, if you will. But the parallels don’t stop here: stress causes heart and cardio vascular problems (so does smoking), produces epinephrine/norepinephrine/cortisol (have you ever seen the commercial on the guide channel? “Stressed out? Stress causes cortisol; cortisol increases belly fat; relacore reduces cortisol; you need relacore!” I love that commercial!), reduced immune system, and lots of other problems. Good news, though. Like smoking, you can “quit” stressing so much. Like most things (except smoking), a little bit of stress is good. It gives you a natural high, helps you get more organized and productive, and many other great benefits! But when it gets too much, you need to take a step back and ask if what you’re really doing is that important. Oh, and prioritize! One final parallel to smoking: learn to say “no!”  It’s okay to say no to something. It may cause a little tension, but its not worth your health or your stress.

So, thank you for listening/reading. I really needed to get that off my chest and refocus! Back to work on a project (one thing I can’t say “no” to unless I wish to fail – umm…. nope, so I better get to work!). Hope I can learn to take my own medicine!


One thought on “So this is what it’s like…

  1. Hey. Well to start off I’m glad that you are enjoying university life and are feeling older and a little taller (if you can give me some info about the becoming taller let me know) Now, onto the deep and depressing issues of being overwelmed with school. I know that university of life can be very overwelming. Profs aren’t quite as considerate as the highschool teachers we all remember who gave extensions to assignments and disscussed due dates with the class. If it makes you feel better, for me at least university life gets easier. You will start to become very organized and the assignment stress will seem less intense.

    One suggestion I can give you is to take a little bit of a break. No I am not saying to put off homework all together but often if you take some time out to go excercise or do something that you enjoy and can clear your head it will help you deal with the stresses of school. I do this all the time with karate. After I take some time off in my night to go I come back feeling refreshed and often times I’m able to do more of my work when I get back because I start it with a new attitute. I understand that this doesn’t always work, and that sometimes you just don’t have time for a break, but to help you reduce your stress level try to do something just for you that you enjoy.

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