Quick Glance

Lots of little things make a difference.

Today in class we were talking about quotes and the power of them. I have have a quote wall and a mirror with some key quotes that inspire me. I leave up my mirror quotes for a year or so because they are life quotes that I need to live by. My quotes board is actually a spiffy picture frame that I filled with quotes that were on my mirror from previous years or of things people have said to me that made a huge difference.

The other thing that I have to inspire me is my bulletin board. It is a cork board on my desk and it is filled with everything and anything I get and want to keep. It has pictures, pins, flags, notes, cards, brochures, rosaries, keys, and anything else I can possibly cram on it. It started when I was 8 and got my desk for my birthday (so I wouldn’t do my homework at the kitchen table and annoy my mother I assume) and it has become layered and layered and layered as the years have progressed.

I keep these all as reminders to me. I am used to looking at them, so I don’t “notice” them often, but when I do, I always take a step back and re-evaluate my life or what ever is going on in it.

I could write a post a billion words long just on my cork board, but I will spare you the detail. The reason for my post is because I just took a step back and noticed my board, in particular one picture on it. There is a picture of a broom (bare with me) that is standing alone (no walls/stands/etc.) in the middle of my front porch area. It was about a year ago and it reminded me of my brother, who shared this great feat with me. It made me really happy to see it.


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