Social Learning

How has social learning been in my life?

Well, to start off, having a social network has proven to be the most useful resourse I found at University. It is better than a library, a computer, or the gym membership. I have depended on my network to go over math assignments, share notes, and work through tech tasks. Being in person is my favourite way to socially learn, but I have found the web to be a great medium as well. Amber and I contacted each other, Dean, and Rushton about our final project and learned how things need to be done, how to do them that way, and why it is better to do them that way.  We discussed meeting times, plans, layouts, what the project looked like, how to make it better, and many other things via email.

Blogging has also been great for me. I’ve learned to read other people’s blogs and comment on them to build connections, see ideas, and converse on specific topics. I’ve also really enjoyed blogging and getting comments. On my blog about blogging, I had several replies from bloggers internationally with ideas on how to improve my blogging lifestyle and learned great tips and tricks to incorperate blogging into my life and make it a lot easier to do.

I’ve also learned through asking for help on my blogs, like when things aren’t working properly, like on my screen shot. I asked if anyone had any suggestions, and don’t you know, people replied with answers! It was great.

I also have learned that there are several sites, including youtube and nextvista, that are excellent resources to use that people have put up for me to watch and comment on. Having this in my life means that I can share my work with others and build great digital connections too.

I also have to say that I really really liked learning how to do the pechu kacha. I have sat through billions of presentations that were WAY TOO LONG and boring. With a pechu kacha, they are short, sweet, and to the point. No more messing around, so to speak. I liked also learning that I don’t have to write a novel on every slide and that a picture is way better than soooo much writing. This was very cool for me. I liked getting to go first as well because I was able to set the stage, and get over my nerves very quickly. Getting to present in front of my peers, who are also people I really respect and admire, was pretty cool. I learned so much from them this year that I was proud to show them what they helped me learn.

Finally, I think the biggest social learning thing for me was learning how to use elluminate. I loved having the chat box and throwing links in every now and then, having a white board, web tours, desktop sharing, and audio/video. Getting to have so many guest speakers in my classroom was amazing, mean while sipping tea in my PJs. I don’t know anyother class like that. I loved learning from so many other people world wide. It was great to get several perspectives on topics, other than one proffessor for 40 hours straight and only his or her ideas. This built up a way better basis for me to form opinions, make connections, and create new ideas.

If I had to mark myself, which apparently Dean thinks I do (that was a joke; you can laugh now!), I would give myself 13 or 14 out of 15. I think that I really embraced social learning. I always hated group projects and never really got into blogging. I think that my perspective has changed dramatically and I know I will continue to social learn, as well as promote it in all my classes.


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