Tag! You’re It.

I decided that I want more people to read my blog. Why? Because the more people who read it, the more variety I will get in comments (and the more comments). All those comments help me grow and learn as a professional. So, being the researcher that I am, I did a scouring around to see if there were ways to make my blog more accessible to the masses. The easiest way I found was to tag my posts.

Good golly! Tagging works wonders. Now, I’m not going to tag anything and everything, but I added a few tags to my post (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ), which were some key words or concepts from my reflections. The easiest part of the whole thing? Once you start tagging , wordpress gives you suggestions, which made my life a lot easier.

Just goes to show the power of tagging. Now my next question is how do I continue to increase my readership? Any suggestions?


One thought on “Tag! You’re It.

  1. The biggest way to get readers is to:
    A. Write things worth reading, which you’re already doing.
    B. Comment lots on others, particularly those that you would like to read your stuff. By commenting and linking back to your work, it’s likely they’ll stop by your blog. It’s really a lot like making friends on the playground. You have to be a friend, to make a friend.

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