Living Facebook

Last night, John Spencer visited our ECMP 455 class, who spoke to us about “Living Facebook.” Basically, his premise was that everything you do on facebook, you do in real life. So for example, if he would have “liked” something on facebook, he would give a big thumbs up and proclaim that he liked something. Similarly, he started writing on people’s walls (window’s actually) with non-permanent markers. He did all sorts of things like this with relation to facebook and how it functions.

This got me thinking about how digitally I interact way more than I do in person. It is so strange how easy and convenient it is to send a text message or write on someone’s wall. It’s very quick to post “Happy Birthday!” when it’s someone’s birthday, but wouldn’t it mean more if I phoned them or just stopped by to say so? What about a good old fashioned card in the mail even. I love to get mail.

With this in mind, I decided that I would make a concerted effort this week to ensure that I am working toward verbalizing or (to invent a new word) “physicalizing ” the cyber space within which I live.

Now, this isn’t to say that I’m sworn off facebook and twitter. I have become pretty attached to them in the last few weeks especially. I’m building my professional community, and I know I have grown up quite a bit just from sharing in this capacity (I’m refering directly to twitter). I also know that there is no way that I could possibly keep up with everyone from all over the world without these social media applications. They definitely have a very distinct purpose in my life. However, why can’t I make the effort to “physicalize” as much as I can for the people around me? This ties into part of my plan for Lent: I decided that this year I was going to give up/improve upon two things. The first is my snooze button. Less than a week into Lent, and this has been HARD. It’s getting easier though. The second thing I am giving up is negativity in my life. Due to this complete 180 that I’ve had in the last few weeks, I’ve worked really hard at building my professional community and now I want to extend these positive changes into my real life too.

This talk couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. Thank you, John!


3 thoughts on “Living Facebook

  1. I dig this notion of “physicalizing” the space. I think that’s what I was after in the project. I wanted to see what is lost when we take away the physical and what is gained when we add that element back.

    • Absolutely! You are more than welcome too. Sorry this took so long to post back to you — I found this comment in my spam box!

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