Teachers Beware!

I was talking with my dad tonight, and he said that this weekend, he was reading his copy of Maximum PC.They had an article, “73 Websites You Need to Know About.” Sounds harmless right? Wrong.

Here, they reported File Destructor 2.0 (www.xnet.se/fd) is all the rage right now with students. Why? For an “unofficial extension” on your homework. Their blurb:

We’re not ones to subvert to the higher education system, but we recognize that every once in a while you get behind on an assignment and need an extra day. That’s what the File Destructor is for — use it to generate a broken file, turn it in, then finish your assignment in the time it takes your professor [or teacher] to email you that something went wrong.

I’m outraged. Firstly, I’ve read Maximum PC quite a bit before. I’m no computer wiz, but I can follow along. They seem to be a pretty reputable source. I’m astonished that they are presenting this “tool” in such a positive light. They are literally helping students everywhere cheat and get away with it.

Teachers beware — if you seem to be getting a lot of corrupted files, this might be the source. I’m not sure the solution (how can you justify that they purposely corrupted a file), but we need to look into insuring that students are honest! What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Teachers Beware!

  1. If a teacher has set up an environment where students have to turn to deceit in order to buy extra time, then the problem lies as much with the teacher as the student. I would hope if a student needs extra time, they’d just ask.

  2. Sometimes there’s not enough time to do satisfy many deadlines. Many teachers don’t give students any option. For example, on Mondays I have work from 8AM to 1PM, a class from 2PM to 3:15PM and another class from 6:30PM to 9:00PM. My teacher for my 2:00PM class gives computer projects after his class is done at 3:15PM and you have to hand it in that same day before midnight by email. The teacher for my 6:30PM class gave 2 projects one to be done at the lab that same day and the other one to be submitted before midnight. For one project you had to (buy/get/borrow/download/steal or whatever you want to call it, after all we students are just dishonest by nature) Microsoft Visio, and for the other project we had to download (thank god it is free) NeSSi2. From experience, we “the always dishonest students” know that it doesn’t matter to the teacher how unhealthy it is or how exploited we might feel, we still have to mee the dead lines, because teachers DON’T CARE ABOUT US! I know, it is my responsibility and if I can’t do it on time I am automatically labeled as lazy and dishonest. I have asked for extensions and most of the time have been rejected. In 2009, I spent 5 days in a row without sleep, 2 hours of sleep to be honest, at the sixth day I passed out and lost my memory. I spent 7 days in a hospital and almost a whole month to gain my memory back in full. I was taking a Technical Communication class for which the professor assigned a 30 pages research paper due next week and which was the sole reason of me not being able to sleep, because I also had to meet my hundreds of weekly online algebra exercises deadline, my engineering graphics drawings (to be sent by email), my Statistics Excel project, read chapters for next sections, and complete the English homework. Well, I couldn’t hand in my Technical Com. paper because it was due Feb 4 and I spent in the hospital from Feb 2 to Feb 9. The teacher gave me a DC, I talked to him and showed him my medical records and he said that was not his problem.

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