In Front of the Class … Sort of.

This evening, I was privileged to present about flipped classrooms (and Sophia) in ECMP 455. For a quick overview, see my previous post.

Basically, I decided that I wanted to talk about flipped classrooms, which I’m really excited about. Right now, I’m using Sophia as a platform for this. Once my project for my ed math class is done, I’ll post it.

Needless to say, I was shocked at how hard presenting to an online class was. I am in awe of Dean, our prof, who does this every single week. I couldn’t figure out how to share a PowerPoint presentation, so I ended up screen sharing and going through it that way (icky). I tried to record my presentation on Jing, but it left a big grey box over the presentation for everyone (boo). I ended up flying through the presentation at lightning speed, but it seemed to go okay. I definitely wish I could do it again though.

On the upside, I decided to use Flickr to create a very visual PowerPoint presentation. I barely used any words (maybe average of 1 per slide). That was new for me, but it was way more enjoyable for me and my audience.


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