Constantly Connected

Look to your left, and look to your right. One of you is likely busy on your phone. I’m not going to lie: I just checked my phone.

Texting in the Park

Everywhere you look and go, people are constantly communicating. Photo credit to Phil Hutton on Flickr

What’s my point? Everyone, and I mean everyone, has the ability to be constantly connected 24/7. While some may argue that that is bad thing, I would like to look at the positives… sort of. With all the social media available, not including phones that are stuck on the wall (or portable now) in every home, we cannot escape communication. Over the course of a day, I constantly receive text messages, emails, tweets, Facebook updates, and so much more. Some days, I feel bombarded.

Now with this incredible opportunity available, why does it seem that communicating is more of a problem than ever? Thinking back over the last two months, almost every stress in my life, and many of my friends’ lives, has been due to a lack of communication, a miscommunication, or poor communication. How is that possible.

I’m challenging myself (and anyone reading this) to make a concerted effort to communicate and to do it effectively. This means that I am going to take the time to ensure that everyone is on board with what needs to happen/what is happening in all aspects of my life. Lately, I feel that everyone assumes that everybody can read their minds. That seems to be the trend. This only leads to stress for everyone involved. We can send a text, an email, a tweet, a Facebook message, or pick up the ol’ fashion phone and get your ideas/hopes/dreams/expectations/plans/fears/etc. to the people they need to get to. It will make us successful and it will make everyone else around us successful too.

Please note: This post is aimed at a very general audience. I think I can safely say that the contrary is true for communicating with parents. During my internship, parent-teacher communication was absolutely phenomenal and significantly more connected than when I graduated high school four years ago. There are still areas where everyone can improve, but parent-teacher communication is leading by example on extraordinary communication.

Sorry for the rant, but this seems to be something applicable in my life that I needed to reflect on.


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