Full Disclosure: I Killed a Tree Today

I’m heading off to a big baton competition down in the states this weekend, and I want to travel as light as possible. Being a type A personality, I’ve been packing for the last few days (and setting things out for the last few weeks). I decided that I was going to travel sans laptop this trip, since I won’t have WiFi very often/my laptop weighs a ton. However, as any fourth year student can attest to, I’ve got lots of homework. This is compounded by the fact that I’ll be missing class on Friday and Monday due to travel. Like any good student, I got as much done ahead of time as I could, but there are somethings you just can’t do beforehand.

Today, it looked like I was drowning in a sea of too much paper! Flickr Photo Credit to Critts.

What’s a girl to do when she’s got lots of homework and no laptop? Well, I used a printer. I printed out all the bits and pieces of research that I need to peruse through, all the resources for a few assignments, and a draft or two of this and that. Good gravy. I had to refill the printer try THREE TIMES. I ended up printing out over 150 pages just for one weekend of homework (not including the loose leaf I’ll be using while handwriting out my outlines, drafts, and jot notes). This just goes to show how powerful technology really is, how accustomed I’ve become to the comfort of information at my finger tips, and how much I really do use my laptop.

In my internship, I will admit, I did photocopy quite a bit. I would have loved to work toward a paperless classroom (or a little closer than I was). This just goes to show that the more paperless we can be, the better. I can’t even imagine if I had to print out everything I read on a weekly, if not daily, basis. That would be horrid.

All I can say is god bless the computer. God bless the world wide web. And god bless WiFi.


3 thoughts on “Full Disclosure: I Killed a Tree Today

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  2. I recently bought a Lexmark printer with software on it that scans and then automatically puts it into Evernote. Evernote is my paperless solution. It may not solve this issue but I’d highly recommend using it in your workflow.

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