Yoga for Teachers

Okay. It’s not exactly yoga, but I had the chance to sit in on “Teacher Presence: Skills for the New Teacher” session. I took a couple of little tricks/techniques home with me, and I think they could be helpful.

  • When talking to students and questioning, use lots of “Mmm?,” “Oh?”, “Oo?” and “Ah”‘s. Not answering questions gets students to keep talking, explain their thinking, ask more questions, and so on. This shows you are engaged and curious, but doesn’t lead them to the answer you want to hear.
  • Think about this: Whose lungs did that air just come from? Air is the one thing that really connects everyone. We all have to breath each other’s air.
  • Build a flexible space in your body: gently push your fingertips together, or gently link your fingers and pull them apart slightly. Think about all the muscles you are using while doing this. This helps to focus and relax you.
  • When gesturing toward a student, extend your arm palm up. This welcomes answers. Avoid pointing/gun position. This is more aggressive.

These are just a few of the ideas we talked about. We focused a lot on maintaining your centre and keeping yourself calm/focused. Any other tips for doing these things? They are so simple and easy, but highly effective.


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