When You Least Expect It

I figure I better post about this now, since it’s been eating away at me that I haven’t said anything yet.

I am so amazed at the internet. I can’t tell you how much it never ceases to amaze me. It seems like every time I think I’ve found all there is to find, something else pops up and blows my mind. Let me explain the most recent mind-blower.

I am working on my final reflection for my Technology in the Classroom class, and I wanted to put some nice, reflective, ambient music in the background. It is a video reflection, so there is audio, some video, pictures, etc. Music would be just awesome. Taking into consideration that I a have become a huge Creative Commons fan, as well as anti-using-regular-music-from-my-iTunes-account, I decided to do some hunting. I started off on Free Play Music, which ordinarily is a good source. However, I just wasn’t finding what I needed.

So, I decided that I should consult the best people I know — my twitter followers. I had a few responses, one of which was SoundCloud. Initially, it felt tricky to navigate, but I eventually, I foundexactly what I was looking for. One problem — I couldn’t download a copy. I could only share it on Facebook, tweet it, and do all the other usual social media stuff. This is where I got creative.  I direct-messaged the creator, and he agreed to send the music to me. And he did! Naturally, I’ll send him the finished product, as he asked, but this is so cool! Some stranger and I connected over a piece of music, and he was so kind and helpful. I like the kind of world. Mind blown.

Anyway, I just wanted to share how wonderful the human race and the internet really is. Yippee!


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