Final Reflection

For my Technology in the Classroom class, I’ve been tasked with summarizing my learning from the last four months. This in and of itself is a learning process, since there is quite a bit of reflecting. Why so much reflecting? Well, we have a 5 – 7 minute time limit. For me, this means trying to figure out exactly what is the most important stuff to squeeze into my video reflection. Anyone who’s read my blog before (and probably anyone who is reading it now) knows that I am, shall we say, not exactly short-winded. Part of this meant having to edit down each audio clip and video clip to be comprehensible, seamless, and somewhat brief. Not an easy task.

At the very least, I’ve got everything I wanted to say said, and the majority of it made it into my video reflection. I tried to stray from the traditional “what did I learn”-style reflection, and looked more at “how is this going to apply to my life/career”-style. While I did end up mashing the two together, I’m still happy with the end product.


PS. Even though this class is over, I’ll still be thinking, learning, reflecting, and blogging.


One thought on “Final Reflection

  1. I’m so impressed with your video, Sara! I think that you share some great reasons why people use social media in education. You’ve also shared your learning curve throughout the year, and I love how willing you are to learn, to change, and to grow as an educator. You’re going to have some very lucky students some day!


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