Looking Back and Looking Forward

It appears that I’ve grown up in the last little while. I graduated university, I got a job, and now I’m home-hunting. To be honest, I’m a little bit lost. Everything I’ve come to know about life as it exists has been practically turned upside down. I was plotting out the direction and intent of this post while I was showering earlier (after all, what better place to do some good, serious thinking) when I came to revelation. I was thinking about how everything has changed — I’m moving out as soon as I find a place to live in this thriving Saskatchewan economy; I’m no longer going to university, at least for a few years; I’m no longer unemployed within the teaching profession now that I’ve successfully transitioned from jobless to substitute to full-time teacher in the fall; and, lastly, I’ve made the jump from student to teacher. That’s the revelation. I haven’t made the jump. The day I do make the jump is the day I better stop teaching.

I never want to stop learning. The avenues for me are endless. I’m starting in at a new school in a new division from the one I interned at. There are several teachers there that I can and will learn from. I’ve got a whole new set of students to learn from. I’ve got a SmartBoard, so no doubt I’ll have several “technical difficulties” to learn from. I’ve got a fantastic and still growing PLN with this blog and twitter. I’ve got as many websites as I can find, then 1351215431482354 more, to discover. I am so lucky to begin my career in such a saturated environment. Oh, and I’ve got 8 boxes of textbooks and resources from two very special teachers in my life.

Yet with all this “ammunition” ready to go, I am still scared out of my mind. I want to do great things. I want to teach every student who walks through my door. I want to be right in there at the forefront of innovative education because my students deserve it. But I’m still burdened with the thoughts of “what if.”

Needless to say, I’ll be spending my July and August (well part of August – I have a trip planned for part of August too) balancing getting as much prep done as possible, working, and twirling. Hopefully I get in some quality sleeping and a cup of coffee or two with friends too! I know that plans can only go so far, but I’d rather have plans that change than no plans at all!

PS. New posts (since I’ve been a bit lazy and neglected my blog for a while) should be popping up over the next couple of days!


2 thoughts on “Looking Back and Looking Forward

  1. Sara,
    I really enjoy the thoughtful and candid posts you write. Teacher education in the states needs a program that encourages reflective blogs. Actually, all learners need time to reflect on their learning!

    PS – What’s your twitter handle? Mine is @teptech I’d like to put you in my twitter pln if I haven’t yet.


  2. Inspiring post. My advice? Whenever you have a choice, consider “what is best for each student”, yet still give a thought to your own well-being in there. Have a great summer

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