Teacher Addiction

From August 27, 1995 to April 28, 2012, I have had a select few people in my life tell me I was either right or wrong. I’m not going to get into parenting–thanks for the great job, Mom and Dad, by the way–but I am going to get into the fact that I legitimately miss being a student. Barring the first five years (only three if you count pre-school) and the last seven months of my life, I completed a task, turned it in, then was told “you’re right” or “you’re wrong” either in words or in numbers/grades.

I know there has been a common theme in my last few posts, and certainly I’ve devoted many more hours of thinking time to it, but I miss having a designated feedback delivery system, i.e. a teacher. I’m now on a mission to consciously start empowering my students to seek feedback from themselves and external sources beyond me. I don’t want them to be addicted to their teacher’s feedback.

There is no celebrity-endorsed rehab centre for it, and recovery is a slow process. I think prevention or learning moderation is the key here. My current thoughts/ideas are: having students blog about their experiences; student collaboration, both with their immediate peers, as well as students in other schools/communities/countries; engaging student work in the community; and creating more open-ended tasks that let students guide where they want to take their learning. So far, that’s all I’ve got.

What else can I do? I’m stuck, but I know this is something I definitely want to do better. Withdrawal from a designated feedback delivery system is something I don’t want my students to have to go through!


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