About Me

Currently, I’m in my first year teaching, with a major in Secondary Math and minor in English. I finished up my education degree last Spring, and I’m ready to continue learning while teaching. In my spare time, I also coach competitive baton twirling. This fall, I decided to retire from competition, but I’ve already come out of retirement (this time a little bit less intense though!).

I’ve lived all my life in the same city in Saskatchewan. My first week teaching, I also moved out on my own for the first time. Learning to cook, clean, and keep house all while managing the chaos of being a first year teacher has been quite an “experience.” Let’s just say that burnt is starting to taste not so bad after all.

I’ve always been a busy gal. I tried out every activity going, but I did eventually settle on baton twirling and dance, following a few stints in skating, flute, and piano lessons. I’ve had many great life experiences from baton, including eight amazing trips to World Baton Twirling Federation events (our World Championships alternate every other year, with an international competition in between). This sport has taught me so many valuable life lessons, and I am forever grateful.

As for a family, I am thankful for my wonderful parents, and my awesome brother. He is off being a super cool engineer, just like my groovy dad (his word, not mine). My mom was a teacher before she had kids, and now she works in training and education at a local fitness company. She is also pretty darn fantastic.

I probably should mention that I’m starting to develop an unhealthy love of rapping about math. No doubt some of the youtube videos will show up on the blog sooner or later. Here’s the first one I did last year–it’s my favourite–all about the Pythagorean Theorem.

As I’ve journeyed through my education, I’ve found myself pausing to reflect on a lot of practices, and I’ve come up with a few plans for how I will be a better teacher. Lately, I’ve been really focusing on instruction, particularly doing research and prep with flipped classrooms. With this shift, I’m also starting to question “the unit test” and many standard evaluation forms. What it all seems to have boiled down to is motivating learners with learning, not with grades.

Below are some pictures of my family (parents, brother), baton, and other stuff that’s important to me and my life.


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