Philosophy of Education

I believe that education develops students as a whole person. I want to foster an environment of learning that breeds curiosity so that learning is lifelong and can take place outside of a classroom setting. Making learning relevant is the key to developing an innate desire to learn. Integrating a wide-variety of technology and teaching strategies ensures that all students have the opportunity for success. Using technology also helps to keep the three-way support system—student, parent, and teacher—in constant communication. Teaching also cannot be limited to a single subject; it needs to be cross-curricular. This encourages students to make connections, which makes learning both efficient and proficient. Supporting students with  Catholic values and morals as a framework for their education also develops a safe, caring learning environment.

I believe that students naturally want to learn. Ensuring that math, English, or whichever topic they are studying is interesting and stimulating will help students to dig deeper into their understanding. I want my students to learn so that they develop into well-rounded people, not so that they can pass an exam.

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