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New Tool

So I decided to review a search engine I found called dogpile (http://www.dogpile.com/)¬†using the “Open Thinking Wiki” site (http://couros.wikispaces.com/tools). It is pretty good and I have found it already useful.

In order to get my stamp of approval, I sent it through as series of very rigorous tests РI searched my name, my name with other words (Sara Thibeault and baton twirling), hard to find quotes, and other typical and generally unsuccessful searches. Surprisingly, it turned up several useful results for almost all of my searches. The only draw back, even though there was a lot of useful results, there were a lot of useless, junk results.

But dogpile doesn’t just have a great search engine, it also features an image search, audio search (didn’t even know these existed!), video search, news search, the yellow pages of every state in America, and the white pages of every state in America (including a reverse phone book search indicated name, age, and location of number holder). While the last two features only are helpful in USA, the rest are very exciting and very useful.

As a teacher I could use this to more easily find information, or get students to use it. It is very user friendly. I remember countless presentations where the teachers said to use pictures, sound, and video clips to enhance our projects, and I recall never being able to find suitable material, at least easily.

I do have one criticism: in the search engine, there is no dictionary. On google you can type “define: something” and it will give you multiple definitions of “something” from various glossaries and dictionaries on the web. This would be a useful tool to add to the site.

Overall, I will definitely continue to use this as my search engine. I’ll keep you posted with my latest findings! All I have to say is, sorry google – you are no longer my favourite search engine!