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Response to Posts

Oh my goodness! I have to say, wow! I got over twenty responses to my post about blogging. The community support on line in phenomenal. Thank you so much to all your responses. I really appreciate it a lot! Everyone gave me some interesting takes, all different from the others. So I was able to conclude that blogging is very personal. I’ll use a lame analogy – it’s like perfume. Every woman has “her scent” that she uses at times that suit her. Some women wear a lot of it, some wear a little of it. Some wear it everyday, others only on special occasions. Some wear it with a reason to, some find a reason to, and some don’t care if they have a reason to but will wear it because they love it. Some women have different scents for different places (i.e. work, home life, etc.) and some have one multipurpose scent. Some women wear it on their wrists, some behind their ears, some all over, and some in other places (not too sure where else, but I’m sure I’m missing some key perfume locale). Is this making a “sniff” of “scents” (Very bad joke I know)? Different people blog a lot because that’s just how they keep up. Some people blog because something sparked their interest, some because they wanted to find something to spark their interest, and some just neeeeeed to blog to get stuff out. Some people have different blogs (i.e. a work blog and a home life blog), but some have one for everything. Some people only when they are at home in at their computer, while some blog via text message or write down topic or make reminders (phoning yourself on an answering machine) to blog about.

To conclude this analogy, I just need to find my scent. I’ve concluded I need to read more, comment more, and take notes. I know I have the potential to be a great blogger, but I just need remember that blogging is a part of my life and I WANT to so should  (just like I find that extra forty five minutes to watch survivor on tape late on Thursday nights) blog as much as I can and want to. You can’t force a good entry, so why try?

Thanks to all the commenters on my post, I really appreciate it. You have been a major source of inspiration!