WestCAST 2012

I love Friday afternoons. Why? I can take time for myself. It’s the end of the week, but it’s not technically the weekend, so I don’t feel the push to work on homework. I can take time to do what I want to do. Last week, I bought a sweater. This week, I’m going to finally write about the WestCAST Conference.

The WestCAST (Western Canadian Association for Student Teaching) Conference — which I will simply refer to as WestCAST–was at the University of Calgary this year. They did a phenomenal job organizing and hosting the events. There were dozens of presentations to attend, two great key notes, and even some fun evening events.

The primary angle I would like to take with this post is on what I have taken away from WestCAST. It’s been almost a month, and there are a few things that really stuck, so they must be important to me. My goal from each session I attended was to take home one good thing/piece of information and apply it to my teaching/future teaching/learning.

I also had the opportunity to present at WestCAST about my internship experiences under the E-Advisor Project with Kathy Nolan. Preparing the presentation in itself was a fantastic time to reflect, learn, and grow. I really enjoyed presenting — the nerves were gone within seconds of starting to speak.

Below are links to my mini-blog series from the conference:

Hand-Held Learning: Pocket Technospaces

Memorable Vs. Memorizable: Michele Jacobson’s “Great Task” and Twitter in the Classroom

Counting on Accoutability: Dr. Eugene Kowch’s “You Got a Job Yet?”

Math Sucks? Dr. J. Cranston’s Research of Pre-Service Teachers

Yoga For Teachers: Establishing Teacher Presence

E-Adviser Model: My Presentation with My Faculty Adviser at WestCAST

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